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Hi, I’m Anthony Hardt.  My path toward starting Left Coast Dog Services began over 25 years ago with Sadie, my dearly-departed husky-German shepherd mix.  Determined to be the most informed dog-owner, I learned everything I could about canine behavior, voraciously devouring every book and video I could acquire.  

Sadie was very bright, curious, loving and a perfect companion for almost 17 years.  Her passing left a hole in my heart and a brand on my soul.  After months of mourning, I was jolted by the profound realization that the extensive research about dogs and wolves I undertook while caring for Sadie could benefit many other dogs, and Left Coast Dog Services was born in 2007!

In 2008, I went to work as Jeff Tinsley’s assistant at Sound Animals, where I worked an average of four classes a week for almost two years.  Training hundreds of dogs over this time gave me rich experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, ages and temperaments.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and regularly attend training conferences.

My wife Jackie and I are both trained by the Red Cross in dog and cat first aid.