Support Needed
These folks rescue older dogs from needless euthanasia and need support.
Wildlife conservation and habitat protection.
Saving our oceans and fighting global-warming.
Safe-guarding eco-systems and promoting sustainable energy sources.

Dog Interest and Info
Pet travel-guides and city-guides for dog-owners.
Characteristics of pure-breeds and prominent hybrids.
What’s happening on the Seattle dog-scene.
Forget the ‘dog-whisperer,’ Victoria Stilwell is the TV dog-trainer with a clue.

City—Licensing, Animal Control, Humane Society
On-line pet license purchase and renewal.

Seattle Animal Control and Animal Shelter

Seattle Humane Society

Dog Hazard Lists and Diet Discussion
List of plants that are toxic to dogs.
List of foods that are toxic to dogs.

Dog Services
Locate a pet-sitter on this site.
Locate a pet-sitter on this site.

Dog-Friendly Joints
Well-behaved dogs are welcome inside this great West Seattle pub.