"There is no person on this planet with whom we trust the care of our dog more than Anthony.  He is so incredibly invested in the well-being of every single one of the dogs he walks and boards--it's apparent every time he talks about them and a huge smile lights up his face.  Our dog, Nina, absolutely adores Anthony.  She waits by the window on the days he is scheduled to walk her and she yelps and bounces with joy when she hears the familiar sound of his van.  Anthony not only walks Nina, but goes the extra mile; orchestrating and supervising play dates with her favorite friends, sending us photos he has taken of her, and offering helpful tips and advice about her training.  We do not know what we would do without Anthony and are so grateful he is part of Nina's 'pack'.  He is a gift to all of us."

-Clare, Joe and Nina

"Anthony Hardt of Left Coast Dogs is more than just a dog-walker.  For Spencer, my two-year old (now 7) Spinone, he is a second father.  For me, he is my counsel on proper health and the training of my best friend.
Anthony and his wife Jackie treat all dogs as part of their family and are extremely attentive to the well-being of the four-legged clients as well as their owners.  He has helped me work through Spencer's digestive-irritability and has provided training for addressing bad habits, with great success on both issues.
Spencer goes crazy when he hears the green VW dogmobile drive up for his daily walk and greets Anthony with the same vigorous excitement as if his owners were coming home after a long day.  And if you want to curb your dog's over-excited behavior, have them stay a night or two at Anthony and Jackie's, commonly referred to as 'Dogtown.'  With one or two other boarders, Anthony is attentive to how the dogs get along and pairs them for best self-entertaining value.
No dog can ask for a better companion outside of your own family and that's why Left Coast Dogs is considered a big part of our family.
To say that Anthony of Left Coast Dogs is just a dog-walker is like saying cell phones are just another fad."

-Bob, Lila and Spencer

"Our dog Che seems completely at ease with Anthony.  We believe it's due to not only Anthony's presence with and treatment of the dogs but his absolute LOVE of the dogs.  He's so in tune with the dogs we're starting to think that Anthony might be part dog himself!"

-Mary Ellen, Matt, Lucas and Che


"We wanted someone who takes as good care of our dogs as we do and make sure they get plenty of exercise without just letting them run off-leash at a dog park.  After seeing how Anthony interacted with our dogs, hearing about his knowledge and expertise about various breeds, and getting to know him in our first meeting...our choice was obvious.
Anthony is extremely honest, caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy and dependable.  It's great to see someone fully engaged in their passion for a living and taking such extraordinary efforts to see that his clients' dogs are healthy and cared for as his own."

-Rolfe, Coco and Buddy

"Whenever we go away and cannot take Bruno with us, he gets to stay with Anthony and no one else.  We recently had to leave Bruno for three weeks and as reluctant we were about not being able to see him that long, we did not hesitate to entrust Bruno's care to Anthony.  He always keeps us up-to-date with photos and videos!
We adopted Bruno from the Seattle Humane Society, and while adorable with his big head and short legs, he was not the most well-mannered dog around.  Anthony worked with us to become better 'parents' resulting in better disciplined parents and dog.  Anthony has helped us and Bruno become family and the 3 of us consider Anthony family too.  Highly recommend!"

-Soek, Mike and Bruno 

"It's clear that Anthony loves what he does. He takes such great care of my dog -- she is always happy to see him and go for walks with him and he is so good with her - they're like good friends. I know my dog will be well cared for, loved and treated like a member of the family when she's with Anthony, whether it's for a walk or a week."

-Mike and Onja

 "I called Anthony initially to help train my then-1-yr old border collie/retriever mix.  Anthony came over right away and provided clear direction to us and her.  He is consistently available to help with training and has been so valuable to us as we learn how to be a dog-owning family.  Since then we use Anthony for advice, intermittently for his dog walks and boarding.  He is always available and willing to help.  Our dog is a much better dog having worked with Anthony.  He understands her motivations and has guided us to be better dog owners.  When I drop her off with him, I never have to worry about a thing! 

Highly recommend Left Coast Dog Services for new owners, dogs with issues, and dogs that need daily exercise."

-Claire, Andy and Lucky

"Anthony has made it possible for us to have a big, active, and very happy dog! He is 100% reliable, knowledgeable, and clearly cares for our dog as much as we do. Anthony walks our dog 5 days a week and boards him regularly- we could not be happier with the care he provides!"

-Rhonda, Bruce and Tater

"Anthony is a part of our family. Since Brixton was a young dog, Anthony has helped guide us through raising Brixton. With his help, our smart but sneaky dog has learned his manners, how to interact with other dogs properly and how to walk on a leash. Anthony has taught US how to be confident leaders, how to be one step ahead in training, how to look for clues in our dog's behavior to learn more about what he's up to and how to solve problems. When we leave Brixton with Anthony, we don't worry at all. Dogtown is Brix's second home, and he loves to be with Anthony, Jackie and the pack. Even our cat thinks Anthony is great! We're thankful to have Anthony in our family!"

-Krystal, Ryan, Brixton and Lestat

"Our furry children have been members of the Left Coast Dog pack for more than five years, and are fortunate enough to spend multiple days each week with Anthony and their other furry friends.  If you're just looking for someone to provide your pooch some well deserved exercise and a safe and social place to stay, then Anthony is your guy. If you're looking for someone who will welcome your furry child into his home with a promise to always be there and never leave them alone, then Anthony is your guy. If you're looking for someone that will treat your dog with the same amount of love and kindness that they receive at home, then Anthony is your guy. If you're looking for someone that will bring your furry kid home with better manners than when they left, Anthony is your guy. If you're looking for someone that will pick your dog up in the coolest dog-mobile in Seattle, then Anthony is your guy.

Bottom line is this:

If you're looking for someone that's passionate about the well-being of your pet and that you can trust -then Anthony is totally, undeniably, without reservation your guy."

-Joni, Chris, Bear and Callie

"My German Shepherd, Heidi, jumps out of her bed, gobbles her breakfast and races to the living room window where she begins her morning vigil:  waiting for Anthony and his green VW Dog-mobile.  Their arrival initiates wildly ecstatic wriggling and barking.  Heidi LIVES for her days with Anthony and his/her dog family.  My 100% happy dog makes me smile each morning, too.  Thank you Anthony!"

-Ellen and Heidi

"Our dog Spencer is a slightly ridiculous beast; he is highly strung and easily startled, he is remarkably lazy except when he isn't, he has selective hearing, loves almost anything inedible, and is allergic to bees.  He is also loving and gentle and gorgeous and funny.  He's a huge part of our family.  Finding someone to look after while we were away felt like an impossible task.  And then we found Left Coast Dogs.  We were impressed with Anthony from our first meeting.  He was gracious and warm and was extremely patient with our concerns.  More importantly, he asked intelligent questions and immediately set to work bonding with Spencer.  It was clear from the beginning that Spencer's well-being, both physical and emotional, was his primary concern.  Needless to say, we, as well as Spencer, were charmed!  Spencer is always delighted to see Anthony when he arrives for walks.  He is returned home relaxed and ready for a good, long nap.  Our boarding experiences have been equally successful.  It is clear Spencer is spectacularly well looked after as he comes home healthy, cheerful and anxiety-free.  We were sure that any boarding situation, no matter how good, would be a highly stressful event for Spencer.  We have come to the conclusion that Left Coast Dogs is more like the best sleep-away camp ever, and Spencer surely wishes we'd go away more often!  We are thrilled with the care Spencer has received with Anthony and Left Coast Dogs, and can recommend their services without reservation."

-Colette and Spencer 

"Anthony is our go to guy for all things dog!  He offers a wealth of knowledge about all things related to our four legged children.  He's helped us with care for our senior dogs through injuries and cancer, and has been our puppy guru from the day we brought home our 12-week old from the shelter.  Whether it is training and dog-walking, diet and health advice, or care for our pups while we are out of town; Anthony delivers it all with professionalism, skill, and lots of love for our boys."

-Mary Howard, Scott, Theo and Lionel

"We first found Anthony when we were stuck with plans to go out of town and our friends were not able to watch Coda, our chocolate lab/Dane mix...he was still a pup and we were very nervous about leaving him with someone we did not know.  When we looked around at several kennels, we did not feel like they were personal enough with so many dogs.  The first thing that drew us to Anthony was his VW "dog-mobile", and after meeting him we immediately knew he was the one.  He (and his wife Jackie) were exactly what we were looking for...there would never be a moment Coda would be left alone or in a crate.  He would be treated as part of their family!  We love that Anthony is very particular with his dog-pack in making sure they get along.  He always keeps us updated on how Coda is doing when we are gone and is always available when we have any questions.  Dogtown has been Coda's second home and he has grown up with them since he was a young puppy.  Anthony and Jackie have become part of our family and we always know Coda is left in good hands...whether it's a for day or a week!  We couldn't have been more lucky to find someone who loves our dog just as much as we do!"

-Kristina, Chad and Coda